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Hi, my name is Eugene Gluzberg. I was born in Ukraine in 1970s. Immigrated to United States in 1989. Currently I live near New York City (Woodside, NY). Professionally I am a computer programmer; software engineer at a technology company.

My interest in photography began when my sister, Kate, bought a Nikon N60 with a Sigma 28-105mm lens. Not to be outdone by my sister, I went ahead and bought a Nikon N80 with the same lens as hers. I had a few others who inspired me with their vision and creativity.

My current equipment:

About the site

I used to have a photoblog, but have not had time to update it. So I have switched to using smugmug which meets my needs for both ease of upload and look and feel. Please check out the photo galleries.

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For any inqueries please contact me at eugene AT email DOT photopickles DOT com. In general, as long as: you ask nicely, are not going to make any money from the image, and are willing to give me credit for it; I will let you use the image for free. Similarly for a print: you will just have to pay for the printing and mailing cost. If you want to use an image for any purpose that is commercial or business related, you will have to pay.


This is me a few years ago